Vision - The PINKCHILLI vision is a world where vegan consciousness expands at an exponential rate, as everyone wakes up to realise the importance of caring for themselves, animals and the planet.

Mission - PINKCHILLI's Mission is to:

  1. Delight vegans and friends of vegans with unique, useful and fun vegan gifts.
  2. Strengthen the vegan voice; by providing vegan themed clothing, products & entertainment.
  3. Supporting the vegan industry by promoting all things vegan.


Hello, my name is Esther Bertram and I’m the founder of PINKCHILLI.

To me, true kindness is more than a general friendliness quality. It is putting it into action that matters. Kindness towards the self, animals and the planet – That’s why I choose to be vegan.

That is also the reason I founded PINKCHILLI.

My vegan journey started way back in 1988, when I was 10 years old. Ironically, the radio was probably blasting Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” oh, how wrong he was.

It all happened one evening when my mother brought in my dinner. It was a typical chicken, potatoes and green beans combination. My shoulders sunk as I stared at my plate. For a few moments I could see the chicken alive and running around the living room, it was pecking and hopping about as happy chickens do. I smiled watching it having so much fun. I glanced back at my plate, my tummy tightened and I sighed. “Mum, I can’t eat my friend. I won’t eat my friend!” And much to her dismay at the time, that was it – the permanent shift had occurred and from that moment, I have not had one bite of any of my animal friends ever since.

11 years later, in 1999, I became vegan. I still can’t understand why this inner shift of consciousness hasn’t happened to more people. Eating animals seems so foreign and wrong to me. Why are vegans still such a minority? Yet I'm pleased the tides of change are upon us as more people are choosing a vegan lifestyle.

Still, I often feel like the alien in the room, as the majority of people I know still eat animals. I sit in restaurants and watch how everyone just munches away, eating their pork bellies and steaks laughing, quite in denial the truth like living in the Matrix. They choose, consciously or unconsciously, to ignore the inhumanity and pain our fellow living creatures have gone through in order to contribute to their “fun” evening. Nothing could be further from my version of fun, than chewing on the dead flesh of a creature that once had eyes, a heart, emotions, thoughts, wishes and family just like I do. It is incomprehensible to me. Factory farming is an absolute crime that sickens me to my core. Few wish to think about it because the reality is so horrific. My guess is, most people who were to walk down the corridors of such a place, would soon question their own support of this unnecessary industry. Not to mention, a mind-blowing 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, according to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute. Going vegan is the best way we can all save the planet!

Yet in a way, I live in as much denial as animal eaters do, as I can’t think about the meat industry too much or even watch documentaries about it, otherwise I end up really heart broken – so I choose to live in a bubble of sorts, and give more focus to the positive things in life, just so I can emotionally survive.

I also am not one to drive everyone mad with my strong ideals and hassle my meat eating friends. I realise it will take time for people to wake up to becoming more caring to themselves and others. Conditioning runs deep. It will take time.

So what can a sensitive-hearted girl like me do to help the animals without emotionally breaking down every day and driving my friends mad?

First of all, I can be vegan, which I proudly am and have been for many years.

Secondly, I can play an active part in boosting the vegan industry by opening an online vegan gift shop (PINKCHILLI) and selling vegan products and clothes. I'm really excited about this part, as it is a new venture for me.

Thirdly I can create books, songs, art and videos about veganism. Up until recently, this creative side of my life has been the biggest part of my life. First I spent a decade and a half touring as a professional singer/songwriter and producing electronic pop and folk albums. This took me all over Europe and was the best way I could imagine spending my 20's and early 30's. I mostly sung about love and life. My latest songs are all themed around veganism, with my upcoming EP "Vegan Mixtape" due to be released soon. In 2010 I was struck with the idea to write a book. It took 5 years in the making, as it also involves other media and music. It's called November Fox - Following Joy (with Augmented Reality layers.) It's is a metaphysical fantasy sci-fi (my editor calls it visionary fiction.) It's about a vegan orphan rockstar who travels dimensions of consciousness to unlock a mysterious cube. It subtly raises themes of animals rights and veganism without being overly dogmatic to avoid turning non-vegans off. You can buy the pre-release limited edition version I printed with my successful kickstarter in the PINKCHILLI shop here, or the ebook on Amazon.

To me, education is the best way to inspire others to take action. By creatively expressing my vegan views and beliefs with songs, books and videos, I feel I will have more sway with non-vegans as no-one wishes to be bullied into a new way of life, they need to choose it for themselves. Often art can be the catalyst for change, for something that has already been brewing for a while within. Well that is my hope anyway, to inspire inner shifts of consciousness with the art I create.

Fourth, I can promote various animal charities through my social channels.

And finally, the magic number five, I can keep a positive outlook. Life is precious and is such an awe-inspiring unfolding process if we choose it to be. I believe the best way to inspire positive change in others is to live it yourself, so my aim is to be the most effective person I can be, have fun, be creative and kind and hope it has a happy ripple effect.

It is my sincerest wish that vegan consciousness spreads like wildfire through the communities of the world, as everyone wakes up to the need to care better for their own health, the health and well-being of animals, and our impact on the world.

It's my intention with PINKCHILLI to bring you fun, useful and creative vegan products, exceptional customer service and a smile to you and your loved ones faces.

May this be the era of Active Kindness!

Thanks so much for visiting. I look forward to connecting with you online soon.

For those of you who are wondering, the name PINKCHILLI came from my wish to represent two aspects I feel I have within myself, and two qualities I love seeing in other people.

PINK = Kindness.

CHILLI = Spice.


With love,

Esther Bertram

Vegan = Active Kindness.
To self, animals & the world.

Esther Bamboo