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These gorgeous Vegan Unicorns are handmade with love in Australia.

Some people believe unicorn horns have the power to absorb negative energy and turn it into a rainbow of positive energy.

Keep your unicorn somewhere near, where you can talk to it, and let it absorb your worries and shine its light to help you achieve your goals.

Each unicorn is completely unique and comes with their own bed and name card.

Inside their name card you will find their special unicorn name and its meaning.

Don’t be surprised if the new carer of the unicorn starts displaying the Unicorn’s special name traits, as it is a known fact, that we become like those nearest to us.

Made with 100% Vegan Acrylic and Cotton.

Please note the unicorn bed designs vary and are not always as seen in picture, as materials and colours vary depending on craft supplies.

The unicorns are suitable for adults, children and babies.

Email your colour preference here: hello@pinkchilli.club If you don’t email within 30min of purchase, your unicorn will be selected for you at random.

Care Instructions: Love and nurture your special little vegan unicorn and it will watch over you and bring its ray of positive light into your life.

Includes Unicorn Bed, but bed design may vary from photo.

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Additional information

Unicorn Name

Amara, Bennettia, Breanna, Demetrius, Dulcea, Evania, Felicia, Fernaco, Estrellita, Gwynth, Ira, Jada, Julius, Laqueta, Larissa, Leila, Marcello, Marjallo, Matia, Moriba, Mystique, Necia, Placido, Samantha, Serenity, Shanna, Simona, Tomo, Suki, Zulema


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